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The Coffee Pod Shop Bonus Points Scheme

earn points to spend in store

Become a registered member and collect points to spend online. You can view your points balance everytime you enter the cart section, from there you can allocate points to your order. 1 point equals 1 pence, so the more you earn the more you will save.


Earn points as you spend online

£1 = 1 points


Earn points for Social Sharing

30 Points


Earn points for reviews on our website

30 points
Register Now and earn 50 points

Register now and you will instantly earn 50 points. Once registered you can then earn points with every purchase, through sharing on social media and reviewing products.

Already have a business account?

Update your account details including your company name and Earn 30 points!


How do I register?

To begin collecting Prima Pods bonus points you must first register on our site to do this simply click the Registration Form link and complete the required fields.

How do I earn Points?

When you are logged into your account you will receive points with every purchase. £1 = 1 point which can be redeemed on future purchases.

What are bonus points worth?

Prima Pods bonus points are worth 1 penny a point. There is no minimum and maximum bonus point limit to spend.

How do I make a purchase with my points?

If you have collected points from previous purchases then you will be able to redeem these against your order at the checkout. Simply select the amount of points you wish to deduct and your balance to pay will be updated.

How long are points valid for?

Your points will not expire; as long as you remain a registered customer of Prima Pods, you can keep collecting and spending points.

How do I know how many points I have?

You can view your bonus points balance in your account when logged in or a balance is also available at the checkout.